Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) is a new age performance-enhancing compound which is getting popular among people for muscle development and fat reduction. SARMs are not yet approved by the FDA, but many tests are being run to cooperate the compound into modern medicine. This can reduce the risks of much harder drugs and hormones. Meanwhile, the compound is used by sportsmen and athletes today due to several benefits that it offers. It is said to be a much safer alternative than the anabolic steroids which will help in slower but safer muscle growth. Let us take a look at few of the benefits and side effects of SARMs to get a clear picture of its need.


Performance boost

SARMs is proven to be beneficial for longer workouts without making you tired. It can boost the capability of endurance over time which may not be naturally present in some people. It helps in maintaining the stamina, power, and nutrition balance in the body.

Weight loss

SARMs cut down on the fat and add to the muscles in the body. It can help in getting rid of stubborn fat in the body. It has been found that despite the same routine and diet, a person with SARMs consumption looks better than others. It is a great supplement for losing fat, although it is not advisable to use it without working out.

Gaining muscles

Not only does it help in reducing weight, but also in improving the body shape with the right kind of muscle growth. Muscle mass is based on nutrition, genetics, workout, and lifestyle. If you use steroids to bulk up your body, you will also gain fat along with muscles. SARMs only help in building lean muscles which is why is considered a healthier alternative for bodybuilding.

Healing bones

SERMs have been tested and observed for helping in healing any diseases related to the skeleton. Problems like brittle bones, poor bone density, weak bones, and osteoporosis can be prevented with the use of SARMs.


Can affect other organs

SARMs is also a supplement, and every supplement has its own side effects. Although it is not as harmful as other supplements like steroids, it can create problems for organs like heart, liver, and kidney if not taken the right way. Improper use of SARMs can also result in a stroke.


Not approved

SARMs is still under a testing phase and is not yet approved by any medical and food administration. It has also not been approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency yet for human consumption. It is still under several tests to be declared suitable for consumption.

Shortage of availability

SARMs has a very small market today as it is not yet sold as an approved product. The companies making the product can discontinue the production on government commands which means that the product can disappear without informing. Due to lack of availability, it can de difficult for a person to bring SARMs into a daily routine.



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